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Direction Vol. 1 No. 7

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Direction Vol. 1 No. 7 - Feldenkrais

48 pages +  16 insert pages. 1991.

‘The’ Garlick report’ by Dr David Garlick.
‘The pursuit of poise’ by David Hall.
‘Man – The Tottering Biped – Part 2: Anatomy of Posture and locomotion in living higher primates’ by Phillip Tobias.
‘An interview with Mark Reese’ by Mark Reese, David Hall.
‘Musings on the methods – A perspective told through both’ by Michael Johnson-Chase.
‘ATM lesson (awareness through movement)’ by David Hall.
‘F. M. Alexander and evolution – Part 2: Evolution of races and civilisations’ by Jean M. O. Fischer.
‘Letter: Viewpoint: Staring’ by Walter Carrington.
‘Letters: Direction issue kids’ by Judith Kleinman.
‘Dream of Matthias, The Burgo Master’ by Fred M. Alexander, [attributed to F. M. Alexander].
‘Viewpoint (What are the implications of Alexander’s idiosyncrasies for our work as teachers and for the Alexander community?)’ by Aileen Crow.
‘Friends of Alexander: Sir George and Lady Houston Reid’ by Margaret Long.

Insert ‘In All Directions’:
‘Courtesy Telecom’ by Kri Ackers.
‘Engelberg in August’ by J. de P.
‘Return to Russia’ by Lisa First.
‘Structure for communication’ by J. Chance.
‘Review: The lost sixth sense: David Garlick’ by ‘Mr Rogers’.
‘Letter: Review: Liz Hodgkinson’ by Nicholas Brockbank.
‘Letter: Review: Liz Hodgkinson’ by ‘Mr Rogers’.

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