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Direction Vol. 3 No. 10

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Direction Vol. 3 No. 10 – Musicians 2.0

40 pages. 2016.



‘Issue Editorial’ by Gabriella Minnes Brandes (p. 4)

‘If Music be the Food of Thought’ by Kevan A. C. Martin (p. 5)

‘Alexander Meets Music’ by Ann Shoebrige (p. 6)

‘Music Making: Communication and Creativity’ by Gabriella Minnes Brandes (p. 13)

‘Beginner at the Piano’ by Pedro De Alcantara (p. 21)

‘Violinist in Balance: An Interdisciplinary Approach’ by Crissman Taylor (p. 28)

‘Practising the Practice’ by Evangeline Benedetti (p. 34)


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