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Direction Vol. 2 No. 5

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40 pages + 20 insert pages. 1997.



‘The Garlick report – Recent experiments on sway in the standing human subject’ (p. 5) by David Garlick.

‘Obituary: Patrick Macdonald 1910-1991’ (pp. 6-10) by Shoshana Kaminitz.

‘On feet wide apart’ (p. 10) by Shoshana Kaminitz.

‘Mr Scott’ (pp. 11-13) by William Morton.

‘A tale of two trainings’ (pp. 14-16) by Mark Webster.

‘The Israeli Directors – Five Portraits’ by Joan Diamond (pp. 19-28)

‘Effects of childhood trauma’ by Rachel Mausner, Jano Cohen (pp. 29-32)

‘Letter: The Ashley Place bombing’ by Marjory Barlow (p. 33)

‘Letter: Astonishing methods’ by Steven Hallmark (p. 33)

‘Letter: Sucking and holding in air’ by Nicholas Brockbank (p. 33)

‘Viewpoint’ by Robert Rickover (p. 34)

‘Friends of Alexander: William Morris Huges’ by Margaret Long (p. 35)


Insert ‘In All Directions’:

‘Obituary: Don Burton 1943-1996’ (pp. 1-2 -insert) by Jamie McDowell.

‘Obituary: Joyce Roberts 1905-1996’ (pp. 2-3 -insert) by Marguerite van der Merwe.

‘The Israeli Congress – Jerusalem, August 14-20, 1996’ (pp. 3-4 -insert) by Wade Alexander.

‘Review: A time to remember: Walter Carrington’ (pp. 5-6 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: Compute in comfort: Paul Linden’ (pp. 5-6 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: Man’s supreme inheritance: F. M. Alexander’ (pp. 5-6 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: New directions in cello playing: Victor Sazer’ (pp. 5-6 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: Skill and poise: Raymond Dart’ (pp. 5-6 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: The Alexander Technique manual: Richard Brennan’ (pp. 5-6 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: Thinking aloud: Walter Carrington’ (pp. 5-6 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: Why we have to crawl: Gitte Fjordbo’ (pp. 5-6 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: Beginning from the beginning: Joan Murray, Alex Murray, Kevin Ahern, Marian Goldberg’ (p. 9 -insert) by Don Mixon.

‘Review: Curiosity recaptured: Jerry Sontag’ (pp. 9-10 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: Roger Tengwall: Hidden assets’ (pp. 10-11 -insert) by Ron Dennis.

‘Review: The Alexander Technique workbook: Richard Brennan’ (pp. 11 -insert) by Jane Heirich.

‘Obituary: Margaret Goldie 1905-1997’ by Walter Carrington (p. 14 insert)

‘Obituary: Sir George 1906-1996’ by J. de P. (p. 14 insert)

‘ATI roundup’ by J. de P. (p. 15 insert)

‘Free-mail’ by Kay S. Hooper (p. 16 insert)


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