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Direction Vol. 3 No. 1

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Direction Vol. 3 No. 1 - Yoga. The Lotus and the Rose

39 pages + 12 insert pages + 8 Movement Directory pages. 2002.



‘Editorial’ (p. 4) by Paul Cook.

‘Issue editorial’ (p. 4) by Ken Thompson.

‘The science report’ (p. 5-6) by Chris Stevens.

‘What is yoga?’ (pp. 7-11) by Ken Thompson.

‘Off the table’ (pp. 12-15) by Karyn Chapman.

‘The formulation of an Alexander lesson – An illustrated guide for the perplexed – Part one’ (pp. 16-18) by Melvyn Waldman.

‘Psychophysical re-education’ (pp. 19-26) by Lyn Charlsen, Michael D. Frederick, Sigrid Wagner.

‘Yoking the east and west’ (pp. 27, 28) by Diana Hook.

‘Of one mind’ (pp. 29-32) by Suzanne Faulkner.

‘Alexander teacher education – An integrated view of professional competence – Part two’ (pp. 33-36) by Terry Fitzgerald.

‘Letter: Counterpoint – Science and Alexander’ (p. 36) by John H. M Austin, Pearl Ausubel.

‘Viewpoint (Yoga, the Alexander Technique and structural integration all share common values)’ (pp. 37, 39) by Thomas Myers.


Insert ‘In All Directions’:

‘Somatic pilgrimage’ (p. -insert 1-2) by David Horsman.

‘Fresh voices’ (p. -insert 3) by Louise Gould.

‘STATNews roundup’ (p. -insert 4) by Franis Engel.

‘Review: An examined life: T. A. Davies, Marjory Barlow’ (pp. -insert 5, 6) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: Directed Activities: G. Grennell’ (pp. -insert 5, 6) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: Let your life flow: A. Maunder’ (pp. -insert 5, 6) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: The art of swimming: S. Shaw and A. D’Angour’ (pp. -insert 5, 6) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘AUSTAT News roundup’ (p. -insert 7) by Louise Gauld.

‘ATI roundup’ (p. -insert 8) by Peter Schneider.

‘AmSAT news’ (p. -insert 10) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Walter remembers FM’ (p. -insert 11) by Walter Carrington, Christopher Waring Westby.


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