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Direction Vol. 3 No. 3

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Direction Vol. 3 No. 3 - Business and Marketing

52 pages + 12 insert pages. 2004.



‘The science report – New thinking on inhibition and primary control’ (pp. 5-8) by Chris Stevens.

‘Leadership as movement’ (pp. 9-15) by David Horsman.

‘What role can the Alexander Technique have in business?’ (pp. 16-22) by Michael Gelb, Michael Frederick, David Horsman.

‘Exploring experience as brand’ (pp. 23-27) by Andrea Matthews.

‘Success as an Alexander teacher’ (pp. 28-31) by Paul Cook.

‘Teaching Alexander Technique in the business world’ (pp. 32-36) by Philippe Cotton.

‘Professionalism – Compromising principles?’ (pp. 37-41) by David Moore.

‘Letter: Professionalism’ (pp. 42) by Christine Ackers.

‘Letter: Professionalism’ (pp. 42) by Walter Carrington.


Insert ‘In All Directions’:

‘Obituary: Peggy Williams 1916-2003’ (pp. 1-2, 4 -insert) by Christine Ackers.

‘Review: Principles for improving your life: Anthony James Taylor’ (pp. 2 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review:’ (p. 3 -insert) by Billingham, David.

‘Obituary: Christopher Hubert Howard Stevens 1943-2003’ (p. 3 -insert) by Melanie Rae Nickolaus.

‘Fresh voices – Alexander training institute, San Francisco’ (pp. 3, 5-6 -insert) by Dani Saranson.

‘Review: How to establish and maintain a strong client base: Vivien Schapera’ (pp. 4 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: More balls than hands: Michael Gelb’ (p. 5 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: Looking at a child’s early growth development VIDEO: Jean Clark’ (p. 5 -insert) by Grant Dillon.

‘STATNews roundup – January – May 2003’ (p. 7 -insert) by unsigned.

‘ATI Exchange roundup – February – June 2003’ (p. 8 -insert) by unsigned.

‘AUSTATNews roundup – Summer 2003’ (p. 9 -insert) by Louise Gauld.

‘AmSAT roundup – Summer – Fall – Winter 2002’ (p. 11 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Mis Direction’ (p. 12 -insert) by Eileen Troberman.

‘Freemail’ (p. 12 -insert) by Kay Hooper.


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