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Direction Vol. 3 No. 2

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Direction Vol. 3 No. 2 - Performance

52 pages+ 12 insert pages. 2003.



‘The science report – Errors don’t stop when the paper is finished’ (pp. 5-6) by Chris Stevens.

‘Integrated actor training’ (pp. 7-10) by Madden, Cathy.

‘A coach for all seasons’ (pp. 11-15) by Kelly McEvenue, Jean-Louis Rodrigue.

‘The breathing costume – The breath as a vehicle for character development’ (pp. 16-20) by Jessica Wolf.

 ‘Exploring the space of inhibition’ (pp. 21-23) by Cathy Pollock.

‘Working with actors’ (pp. 24-26) by Sue Laurie.

‘The naked truth – A case study’ (pp. 27-29) by Jean-Louis Rodrigue, Ann Stocking.

‘The formulation of an Alexander lesson – An illustrated guide for the perplexed – Part two’ (pp. 30-32) by Melvyn Waldman.

‘Professionalism – Compromising principles’ (pp. 33-37, 39) by Marcus Sly.


Insert ‘In All Directions’:

‘Obituary: Tony Spawforth 1919-2003’ (p. 1 -insert) by Walter Carrington.

‘Obituary: Troup Mathews 1916-2002’ (pp. 1-2 -insert) by Wade Alexander.

‘Obituary: Saura Bartner 1947-2003’ (p. 2 -insert) by Belinda Mello.

‘Fresh voices from students at MATTS, in Melbourne, Australia’ (p. 3 -insert) by Michelle Stanton.

‘STATNews roundup – May – September 2002’ (p. 4 -insert) by Franis Engel.

‘Review: Just play naturally: Vivien Mackie, Joe Armstrong’ (p. 5 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: Taking time: Crissman Taylor, Carmen Tarnowski, Chariclia Gournaris’ (p. 5 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: The actor and the Alexander Technique: Kelly McEvenue’ (pp. 5-6 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: Freeing Shakespeare’s voice: Kristin Linklater’ (p. 6 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: Speaking Shakespeare: Patsy Rodenburg’ (p. 6 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: The busy body: Penny Ingham, Colin Shelbourn’ (p. 6 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘AUSTATNews roundup – Spring 2001, Autumn 2002’ (p. 7 -insert) by Louise Gauld.

‘ATI roundup – January 2001, April – October 2002’ (pp. 8 -insert) by Peter Schneider.

‘Review: Websites’ (p. 9 -insert) by Billingham, David.

‘Review: The Alexander Technique – Lessons with Jane Kosminsky and Deborah Caplan DVD’ (p. 9 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Review: Keeping up with the times CD: F. M. Alexander Trust’ (p. 9 -insert) by Grant Dillon.

‘AmSAT News – Fall 2001, Winter – Spring 2002’ (p. 10 -insert) by Lawrence Bruce.

‘Walter remembers FM – The quality of the experience’ (p. 11 -insert) by Walter Carrington; Christopher Waring-Westby.

‘Mis Direction’ (p. 12 -insert) by Eileen Troberman.

‘Freemail’ (p. 12 -insert) by Kay S. Hooper.


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