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Direction Vol. 2 No. 4

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33 pages + 12 insert pages. 1996.


‘The Garlick report’ (p. 5) by David Garlick.

‘Boys on bikes’ (pp. 6-7) by Gentian Rahtz.

‘Ethical issues of sexual contact between teacher and pupil’ (pp. 8-10) by Mary Cox, Jamie McDowell, Wendy Bonington.

‘A survey of sex’ (pp. 11-13) by Chlo Stallibrass.

‘We are sexless, not!’ (pp. 14-15) by Nicola Hanefeld.

‘Aphorisms of Marjorie Barstow’ (pp. 16-18) by Marjorie Barstow, Marion Miller and Jeremy Chance (eds).

‘Sex and love addicts’ (pp. 19-21) by Joan Diamond.

‘F. M. and Samuel Butler’ (pp. 22-25) by Jeroen Staring.

‘Sexuality? Whose?’ (pp. 26-29) by Colleen Heenan.

 ‘There’s more between the hips than meets the hands’ (pp. 30-32) by Kathleen Hannan.

‘Letter: Marjory Barlow interviewed’ (pp. 33) by Dilys Carrington.

‘Letter: Editorial: Discovery and Technique’ (pp. 33) by Catherine Kettrick.

‘Viewpoint (The effect of occlusion on the primary control)’ (pp. 34) by Robert Rickover.

‘Friends of Alexander – Allan & Co.’ (p. 35) by Margaret Long.


Insert ‘In All Directions’:

‘Obituary: Marjorie Barstow 1899-1995’ (pp. 1-2 -insert) by Nancy Forst Williams.

‘Sex habits’ (p. 2 -insert) by Alfred Flechas.

‘Alexander goes online’ (p. 3 -insert) by Richard Carbough.

‘Review: Articles and Lectures: F. M. Alexander’ (pp. 3-4 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: Directing and ordering: J. Armstrong’ (pp. 3-4 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: Sexuality and the Alexander Technique: C. Stallibrass’ (pp. 3-4 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: The foundations of human well-being: W. Carrington’ (pp. 3-4 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: The head-neck sensory motor system: Berthoz, Graf, Vida’ (pp. 3-4 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘ATI roundup’ (pp. 4-5 -insert) by J. de P.

‘Deferred service’ (p. 7 -insert) by Walter Carrington.

‘NASTAT roundup’ (pp. 6-7 -insert) by J. de P.

‘Review: Two essays: Jeroen Staring’ (pp. 8-9 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: Up from down under – The Australian origins: Rosslyn McLeod’ (p. 9 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘Review: The expanding self: Godard Binkley’ (pp. 9-10 -insert) by David Gibbens.

‘STATnews roundup’ (p. 11 -insert) by J. de P.

‘Letter: STATnews roundup’ (p. 12 -insert) by David Garlick.


Warning: This journal contains nudity


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