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Welcome to the 21st issue of the arts magazine Inspirational. In this issue inspirational interviews four leading contemporary artists, as well as featuring another. There is also a feature I have penned regarding the story of Inspirational so far, where it came from, what purpose it serves, and where it has the potential to go. On top of that there are also book and music reviews, and also a free giveaway - a track from the latest art music album by Mark Sheeky free with every issue of Inspirational 21.

feature: Chiachio & Giannone. Artist, writer, broadcaster, filmmaker Raquel Glusman has been commissioned to write an article for Inspirational magazine regarding the work of the contemporary Argentinian-based visual artists  Chiachio & Giannone, a couple in life and in art. They produce beautifully rich coloured embroidery works, many of them featuring the couple against vibrant backgrounds. 

interview: Terry Furry is an artist that deals with masculinity, but no alpha posturing here. Through a bold graphic style Terry expresses masculinity as fragility, sensitivity, sensuality, and so much more - the strange and often bewildering complexity that masculinity is in reality.

interview: Anthony Stevens is an artist that uses embroidery to express himself, to express the world he sees around him, and more importantly still, to express art as a form of therapy for himself. His work is thought-provoking, humorous, and deeply understanding. 

feature: Inspirational – the story so far. Why was Inspirational started in the first place? Why the eclectic mix of artists? Why is Inspirational digital rather than paper? Where is Inspirational going next? These questions and more will be answered in this feature. Inspirational is now 4 years old and it seems a good time to see where it came from and more importantly, where it is going.

interview: Alain Francoeur is a multi-discipline artist from Montreal, Canada. His work is layered with a complexity of colour, texture, text - all ultimately bold and striking in nature, instantly mesmerising.

interview: Chiachio & Giannone. This is an interview that Raquel Glusman had with  Chiachio & Giannone whilst she was representing Inspirational magazine at the recent Art Basel Miami international art fair.

 review: Mark Sheeky is an artist, writer, broadcaster and musician. His 30th music album Tree of Keys, is an eclectic mix of artmusic, poetry, experimental slants and slides. He gives an interview about Tree of Keys and about his music career so far.

review: Anne Kelly shows in her book 'Textile Folk Art', how folk art works as a phenomenon, how it has been a lasting cultural identity for many, and how it can be used by the individual through self-expression. Textile Folk Art will be reviewed in the coming issue of Inspirational.

Inspirational – supporting the visual arts

john hopper (editor)
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