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where the roots are

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The Best of Paper Lanterns vol. 2 is an anthology comprising 58 of the most innovative and engaging Japanese short-form poems, authored by 44 contemporary poets, published in the bi-annual journal Sonic Boom between the years 2018 and 2021. It received an Honourable Mention in the Touchstone Distinguished Books Awards for 2021.

“[where the roots are] gives a comprehensive view of what haiku, particularly in its more minimal and playful forms, can do. It also shows how such small poems can be arranged to give a sense of a larger, more resonant body of work, as though it were a collection by a single, anonymous author. As poetry – we are reminded – it’s all connected.”

— Philip Rowland, Editor of NOON: Journal of the Short Poem
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the field of why by Shloka Shankar


master pieces by Ron Scully


Fingerbone Sky by Peter Jastermsky


Farthings by Daniel Lusk


between now and now by Marcus Liljedahl


at my doorstep by Tapan Mozumdar


the sky, taken away


Ribbons and Rainbows by Mark Gilbert


The Silence We Came For by Peter Jastermsky


Raised in the World of Everyday Poets by Darlene O'Dell