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Welcome to the 20th issue of the arts magazine Inspirational. In this issue inspirational interviews five leading contemporary artists, as well as featuring another. We will also be talking to the Global Art Project, the international creative platform, as well as the regular review.

Interview: Cash Mattock. Digital collage artist, musician, writer, producer Cash Mattock produces a range of extraordinary hybrid images through the use of collage and photo montage. His work is both surreal and challenging, taking us through from dream to stark reality. Cash is interviewed and shows a new range of his extraordinary hybrid imagery.

Interview: Claire Louise Mather. Textile artist Claire Louise Mather is an artist that draws with stitch, draws confidently, empathically and with humour. Claire  is interviewed and shows a range of her work.

Feature: Global Art Project. Global Art Project (GAP), is a truly international platform for creativity. A space for encouragement, collaboration, support, and understanding. Global Art Project, along with its founder and curator Carl Heyward, is talking to the Inspirational magazine.

Interview: Emily Florish. The highly personal work of the artist Emily Florish, delves deep into her life. Her manipulated photography - both found and readymade, explore human relationships and the impact of those relationships. Emily is interviewed and shows a range of her innovative work.

Feature: Carolina Antoniadis. Artist, writer, broadcaster, filmmaker Raquel Glusman has been commissioned to write an article for Inspirational magazine regarding the work of the contemporary Argentinian visual artist Carolina Antoniadis. Carolina's work is unique, complex, vibrant, involved - a beautiful panoply for the senses.

Interview: Michael Sylvan Robinson. Michael Sylvan Robinson is a textile artist, embellisher, embroiderer, visionary, and educator. His work in textiles is innovative, borderless, thoughtful and inspirational. Michael is interviewed and shows a range of his innovative work.

Interview: Tanja Jeremić. The artist Tanja Jeremić creates work through collage and motion graphics. Her work is both personal and universal, a surreal glimpse of the larger cosmos. Tanja is interviewed and shows a range of her innovative work.

Review: Lizzie Houghton. In Felting Fashion, the acclaimed feltmaker Lizzie Houghton presents practical ideas for creating beautiful clothes from felt, wearable textile art. Her book Felting Fashion is reviewed in full in this packed issue of  Inspirational.

Inspirational…celebrating creativity

john hopper (editor)
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