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If you have been trying to eat a (raw) vegan diet for a while but repeatably keep on falling off the wagon due to cravings, then keep reading. Perhaps you bought many books about raw food diets, tried different recipes, and followed other protocols and approaches that you found online, but none of those seemed to work for you for longer than a few days. Maybe you eat a raw food diet primarily but struggle with weight gain. Do not despair. You are probably very close to achieving your dream of eating healthier and feeling better. First, however, you need to overcome a few obstacles that keep you stuck.

Zuzu's raw journey coaching plan

What is included

This coaching plan aims to teach you which dietary and lifestyle habits serve you and which do not. If you commit to this coaching plan, you agree to track your food and lifestyle habits for five days. To do this effectively, I will share a comprehensive checklist and instructions to help you understand how to follow during these five days for maximum results.

First, I will analyze your data with specific attention to macronutrients and lifestyle habits. Second, I will prepare a comprehensive video report about what works for you right now and what does not and make specific suggestions about improving your current dietary and lifestyle situation. Finally, I will share my video report with you. You can watch the video with my tips when it suits you the best, and you can replay the parts that are not clear. If you have any questions regarding my guidance, you can send me one follow-up email, and I will respond as soon as possible.

The price of this coaching package is 100 Euro. I work with PayPal payments.

What people are saying

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"I had one session with Zuzana to get feedback about my raw vegan way of eating, and she gave me a great amount of useful and eye-opening information. The format was very "hands-on," and I enjoyed it. Zuzana has a very fresh, open approach and gave me many details about improving my daily habits, with practical examples that will be easy for me to implement."

"Zuzana has a profound knowledge about nutrition and is very generous with it. She is a real asset with her positive and can-do attitude, and I lovingly recommend her work. I will definitely get back in touch with her whenever I need advice!"

— Shivani, Switzerland

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