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I'd rather feel nothing at all than deny loving you.

Call Me Doctor is a Medical Romance from Internationally Bestselling Author Hanleigh Bradley.

“I’m not the guy for you.”
It’s a sentence I’ve said more times than I can count. It’s usually the sentence that follows, “so, are we...?” or “are you my boyfriend?” or “do you want to come to my sister’s wedding with me?”
I’m not exaggerating either when I say it. I mean it. Every single time I say it.
The girls on the other hand, they don’t seem to like it.
But I don’t really know why they expect differently. I always make it clear from the start. I’m not looking for anything serious. This is just sex. I’m not your boyfriend. I say those sentences and most girls nod and agree or if they don’t like those terms, they walk before anything happens.
I respect that, so I don’t get why they don’t respect my boundaries. When I say those things I mean it but they seem to think that they can change me.
Well to risk sounding like a complete jerk, they’re not that good in the sack.

Call Me Doctor is a Companion Novella to the Intimacy Series.

Can this 'Manwhore' doctor have a second chance with the only girl he's ever loved?

"Such a beautiful second chance romance story!!" - Book Hoarder
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