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Ascension - Ears & tail

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Ears & tail replacement for female Miqo'te, male Miqo'te & female AuRa


Replaces tail 1

Jewellery replaces Abyssos earrings of aiming


  • Highlights (inner ears, tail tip)
  • 2 textures option (detailed & smooth)
  • Ears & tail version
  • Tail only version
  • Ears only version
  • Wearable jewellery with 7 options
  • 3 color options for the jewellery
  • Fully re-weighted tail


Will look weird with ADOF and MXAO. Works fine with RTGI.

Tail is longer than the vanilla one, max size might clip in the floor with some emotes.

Weights are different than the vanilla ones, tail can be posed but will move differently.

Ears will need ears flap hiders & are not compatible with vanilla hair for Miqo'te. (will not cover the vanilla holes, will not hide the ears fur)

Public release: Vaulted

Custom jewellery

You will get a ZIP (131MB) file