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Lose the last kilos while smashing sugar

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Lose the last few pounds with sugars

Or how to lose real fat healthily with the 90/5/5 diet

This 70-page ebook addresses the following topics:

  • Why women have a harder time losing weight than men
  • Cellulite, lymphedema and lipoedema
  • How to boost metabolism
  • Why carbohydrates make humans thin
  • The long-term harms of low-calorie and ketogenic diets
  • The dietary transition
  • How much to eat in 90/5/5
  • Recipes for sweet potatoes and potatoes, rice, juices, smoothies, sorbets and more
  • How to avoid cravings
  • How to save money on HCLF
  • Guide to eating fruits and starches
  • The various factors that affect weight
  • Six HCLF eating plans
  • List of the lowest fat and lowest protein foods
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