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This pack contains the three following ebooks:

1) Lose the last few pounds with sugars (or how to lose real fat healthily with the 90/5/5 diet)
  • Why women have a harder time losing weight than men
  • Cellulite, lymphedema and lipoedema
  • How to boost metabolism
  • Why carbohydrates make humans thin
  • The long-term harms of low-calorie and ketogenic diets
  • The dietary transition
  • How much to eat in 90/5/5
  • Recipes for sweet potatoes and potatoes, rice, juices, smoothies, sorbets and more
  • How to avoid cravings
  • How to save money on HCLF
  • Guide to eating fruits and starches
  • The various factors that affect weight
  • Six HCLF eating plans
  • List of the lowest fat and lowest protein foods

2) HCLF sauce recipes for pasta and salads
  • 20 recipes from Douce Frugalité to season your pasta dishes and salads fo r a healthy body weight.
  • Compatible with a high-carbohydrate, low-fat vegan diet, also called 80/10/10 or HCLF.
  • All these recipes are free of oil, vinegar, raw garlic, raw onion and animal products.

3) Lose weight and be healthy for life
  • Understanding the science behind the high-carb low-fat diets.
  • Why an 80/10/10 diet is the best long term choice for human health
  • How high-carb low-fat foods promote a healthy BMI
  • Foods to limit and foods to avoid completely
  • Tasty and healthy recipes

4) 4-season high-carb low-fat meal plan
  • This meal plan will teach you healthy and sustainable eating habits to help you reach a healthy BMI long term.
  • Each of you will find the required amounts of you you need, whether you are a sedentary/active man/woman.
  • This PDF includes diet advice and weekly grocery lists for each season.

The three ebooks purchased separately cost :
24 + 20 € + 13 € + 17 € = 74 €

But this pack costs only 49 €, and it also includes a plethora of recipes to enjoy!
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