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HCLF sauce recipes for pasta and salads

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20 recipes from Douce Frugalité to season your pasta dishes and salads fo r a healthy body weight.

Compatible with a high-carbohydrate, low-fat vegan diet, also called 80/10/10 or HCLF.

All these recipes are free of oil, vinegar, raw garlic, raw onion and animal products.

Table of contents 
Salad dressing explanations
Quantities and energy
Sweet sauces for salads
Bright green sauce with ginger
Cocoa-free chocolatey sauce
Ripe pepper and date sauce
Orange color sweetness
Sweetened orange juice
Antioxidant-rich berry sauce
Savory salad dressings
Light hummus
Better than a vinaigrette
Healthy guacamole
Comforting green sauce
Light, green and fresh
Pasta, noodle and rice sauces
Homemade tomato sauce
Super simple pea pesto
Alfredo sauce
Coral lentil and squash dal
Eggplant cream
Sweet potato sauce
Caramelized onions
Tomato curry without coconut milk
Pumpkin sauce
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