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Blood Dolls (Blood Vice 4) ebook

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Absence makes the fangs grow fonder.

Jenna thought becoming a Blood Vice agent would solve all her problems, but now she’s sworn to solve House Lilith’s problems, too. And there’s no shortage of trouble when dealing with the most regal vampire family in the United States.

The duke’s first assignment for Jenna and company is to locate Ursula, the estranged Duchess of House Lilith suspected of murdering her sire. It’s a tall order—a wild bat chase, some might say—and the long hours with half-sired agent Roman Knight soon drive Jenna to distraction, and possible destruction. Lusting after another vampire's pending scion is a dangerous game, one with legal ramifications in Jenna’s brave new underworld.

New to Jenna and House Lilith?
If you love urban fantasy with paranormal law enforcement and modern vampire royalty, begin this series with book one, Blood Vice, today!
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