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Père Lachaise Shawl Pattern

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This triangular shawl was inspired by gates in the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. It is both a charted and written lace design, with lace knitting on every other row. It can be knit in any weight of yarn.

The shawl is knit from the top centre out, beginning with a tab cast on. There are 3 different sizes small (128 rows), medium (160 rows) and large (192 rows).

Yardage & size estimates are done based on the following weights of yarn:
Light Lace weight: ~1100yd/1006m in 100g
Lace weight: ~800yd/731m in 100g
Fingering weight: ~430yd/393m in 100g
Sport weight: ~270yd/247m in 100g

Yardage: small (medium, large)
Light Lace weight: 325yd (505yd, 725yd)
Lace weight: 350yd (525yd, 750yd)
Fingering weight: 430yd (675yd, 975yd)
Sport weight: 500yd (780yd, 1125yd)

Approximate size (width x depth): small (medium, large)
Light lace weight: 44”x19”(55”x24”, 66”x29”)
Lace weight: 51”x21” (64”x26.5”, 77”x32”)
Fingering weight: 58”x22” (72.5”x27.5”, 87”x33”)
Sport weight: 62.5”x29” (78”x36”, 89”x41”)
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