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Yampellec's Idol

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Betrayal and sacrifice follow Livi Talbot on her darkest adventure yet.

As Livi Talbot reels from the ultimate betrayal that has sent her entire world off-kilter, the hits keep coming when her estranged mother—who abandoned the Talbot family twenty years ago—shows up without warning. She’s looking for a pre-Incan stone idol in the ruins of an abandoned Spanish mission that has escaped looters for centuries, and she wants Livi to find it.

Livi would rather be anywhere but home, and a trip with her family to Peru is just what she needs to clear her head—even if it involves reconnecting with her mom. But a heartbroken adventurer is a distracted one, making Livi the perfect target for supernatural guardians in the jungle…and more danger from those closest to her that she might not see until it’s too late.
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