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The Family Connections Series introduces an innovative way to create reversible fabrics with Fission Knitting.  These patterns may also be purchased individually.

The Sisters in Spirit Scarf/Wrap is the easiest of these patterns and features zig zags on both sides of the fabric. One side has a lightning bolt of lines highlighted by a contrast colour.

TheFraternal Forever Scarf shows two very distinct but related designs. As you knit this, you will quickly become comfortable with the lines from each side travelling together; you will remind yourself to pay attention for when the lines diverge and reunite.

The Genetically Linked Scarf has two very distinctive sides; a gradient makes the ends very different from each other. One side of the scarf carries a diamond motif where one of the diamonds is in a contrasting colour. The links on the other side are all in one colour with the effect of the gradient permeating the background.

The Fission Knitting Tutorials will help you get started with this technique.

Tech editor: Kate Atherley

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