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The God Walk – PDF

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The God Walk – PDF.

84pp. ISBN 9780476000483. 
Anna Johnstone
Published by: Johnstone2 Photography (2010)

Praise for The God Walk

Imagination is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. Without it there’d
be no music, no poetry, no painting. It’s what lifts us from the ordinary
into a world of the mind and spirit, and he’s blessed Anna Johnstone with
imagination in abundance.

He’s also given her a lively and inquiring mind. Her writing shows a warm
relationship with that wonderful and intimate personality we call God. She
talks to him freely, asks questions, and shares, both with him and with us, her
joys and hopes, her challenges and questions.

She offers us word pictures that bring her thoughts to life and puts into
writing - always used with economy - much of every Christian’s thoughts. Her
writing will stimulate your imagination too, as she shares her world of faith
honestly and openly. Read, and be encouraged and strengthened as you walk
the Way. 
Eddie Askew OBE, August 2003

The first in a series of books of reflections and photos, to
  • use for inspiration, enjoyment, comfort
  • share in services, Quiet Days, retreats
  • offer spiritual nourishment to hungry hearts

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