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The Freedom Walk – eBook PDF
Published by: Johnstone2 Photography (2010).
ISBN 9780476008922.

Praise for The Freedom Walk

"‘Great!’ ‘Beautiful!’ ‘Challenging!’ ‘Brilliant!’ ‘Insightful!’ ‘Fantastic!’ ‘Moving!’
‘Lovely!’ ‘Exciting!’ ‘Enticing!’ ‘Such powerful, contemporary images!’

These are some of the words I scribbled in the margin of the pages of prayers that spewed out of my printer after Anna Johnstone had e-mailed her prayer poems to me.

These prayers are so wonderfully real that I have no hesitation in recommending them to those who want to expand their vocabulary of prayer.

As I do so, I pray that Anna’s wonderful way with words will woo readers into the kind of engagement and relationship with God that the author so obviously enjoys: an engagement that starts by knowing herself and a relationship that has seen the many faces of God." Joyce Huggett, May 2004

"Lord of life, giver of days
my heart breathes your name
and seeks you for only in finding you
will I find myself
and be free"

This book of Anna’s inspirational reflections and images, explores the freedom of knowing oneself and the amazing freedom of knowing God.

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