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essential oils for fall
Essential oils for fall
With the shift in season, and changes to routine, there is a lot happening, including the spreading of germs. Part of being prepared is having several items in your family's first aid toolkit. Certain essential oils should definitely be included...
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Essential Oil Safety Tips
If you are interested in using essential oils but get a bit intimidated about how you should be using them, keep reading!There are a couple of recommendations that I'll be making here to help you out:Take this quick Essential oil safety mini class (i...
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essential oils for stress
Using essential oils for stress relief
We need to talk about stressThe last three years have presented us with some extremely difficult challenges. Everyone has been affected in some way, to one degree or another. As we see, the cost of long term stress is very high. Taking advantage of t...
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choose your blending workbook
How to choose your essential oil blending workbooks
This article is especially to help when deciding on blending workbooks for aromatherapy students.Currently I have 4 resources with a focus on blending with essential oils for students to choose from:Creative essential oil blending challenge workbookM...
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