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Zinzi is the Owner and Founder of Royalty Ark Digitial Genesis a fun-loving, free-spirited mother of two children who loves and admires simple things in life such as listening to birds chirping, walking in nature, watching magical sunsets, planting her own garden. She loves reading, writing & creating. When she is not busy, she enjoys a glass of red wine chilling with a few intimate friends.

I was inspired by observing how young upwardly mobile professionals would struggle to balance their checkbooks at the end of each month and Today is no different; they fail to meet their monthly obligations; borrow from Peter to pay Paul just to make it through, living from paycheck to paycheck, credit card to personal loans until the end of the month and this caused so much inner turmoil, unnecessary stress and tension amongst family members as they could not pay back the money that they borrowed.

So, I could not sit by and watch all this fiasco descending into chaos, so I wanted to be part of the solution not part of the problem. Thus my journey started when I wrote this short handy money guide Ebook to offer a solution that will assist consumers to reach their own conclusion in customizing their very own solution, in some way to relieve stress & simplify their lives, taming the financial chaos within, in reaching and living financial wellbeing (truly balanced, prosperous & abundant) life.

You can also visit us at to read, share, and exchange more money related articles to enlighten your journey, to reach a fulfilled, peaceful destiny in a simplified way.