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Book Formatting Services


Formatting service packages are for a SINGLE fiction book (excluding poetry) in English, with NO graphics, and in BLACK AND WHITE text ONLY. If your book is a box set, please also add the box set item to your purchase. If you don't, it will delay formatting until it's purchased, thank you.

Please choose the word count from the variations listed.

If you do not purchase the correct word-length option, it will delay the process until you pay the additional amount.

(Note: If you have a non-English book, please contact me first at before you purchase my service. I am not fluent in other languages and cannot guarantee there won't be formatting issues with non-English typography. But I'm willing to work with you.)

I will provide you with various ebook formats for all the popular retailers, as well as a print-ready .pdf file you can use for POD services.

If you need a trim size not shown, or if you need to produce a volume of poetry that needs special formatting, or have a non-fiction book with formatting requirements, please contact me first and do not purchase this item.

NOTE: This service does NOT include editing/proofreading! If you include typos, they will be included in the final file. I include 2 free MINOR revisions to update typos/links in the file. You can purchase additional revision credits later once the process is completed if additional revisions are needed.

Upon purchasing the service, download the file included with the formatting item. That is your instructions file, and it will detail what I need, how to format it, how to send it to me, and how you will access your files upon completion.

Current turnaround time averages 48-72 hours after I acknowledge receipt of the material from you, NOT including weekends or holidays. If you need a rush job, please email me for a quote, or to find out what my current backlog is running.

I am happy to format adult-themed/explicit books, as long as they don't contain any illegal content such as CSA, bēstiälity (meaning non-sentient animals; aliens, shifters, sentient monsters are fine) etc.

NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT accept formatting jobs for any content I personally find objectionable, including but not limited to illegal, bigoted, harmful, racist, or other content. (NO NAZIS!)

·   I reserve the right to reject any material I find objectionable, illegal, defamatory, or that could put me in legal or civil jeopardy, for reasons including but not limited to hateful, bigoted, racist, AI-generated, plagiarized, trademark/IP-infringing, public domain material, or other subject matter. If I reject a file for this reason, I will refund your payment, minus any processing fees charged to me by the payment service, and delete the files.

·   I do NOT retain any rights to the files you send me; I am only providing a file formatting service for you as an independent vendor.


·   By using my services, you are affirming that the materials you are providing are legal, you hold all legal rights to publish the material (including cover images and text), and you not only hold me harmless for any civil or legal claims that might arise now or in the future but you also will pay any and all legal costs and/or findings of judgment that might that arise from any litigation resulting from processing the materials.