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This is still a construction zone, so apologies in advance! Please use the menus to navigate books by series, genre, subject, and more. I'm selling signed print versions of all my books, and e-book versions of my Lesli Richardson books.

Many of my Tymber Dalton books in e-book format are still under contract to a publisher and cannot be purchased directly via this website. You can find those links on the applicable product pages on my main website. Also, if you'd prefer to buy my Lesli Richardson books from one of the larger retailers, you can find those links there as well.


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Dewi and the gang return in the latest installment of the Bleacke Shifters series!

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NOTE: If a print title shows as "out of stock," it hasn't been formatted yet. Want one of my titles that hasn't been formatted for print yet? Just drop me a line and I'll bump it up in order.

Shipping may take 3-6 weeks, longer if it's holiday season or if I have to reorder a title. Shipping is for US ONLY at this time until I figure out foreign rates.

Also: If you pick the incorrect shipping method (some are limited to ONE item) it will delay your order. Bundles are NOT considered a single item due to weight.

Some Series Starters...


He kneels for only ONE man!

Bleacke's Geek

When girl meets geek, the fur's gonna fly!

Safe Harbor

Suncoast Society 1


Love and Brimstone

The soul always comes home...


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Lesli Richardson / Tymber Dalton

[She/Her] Lesli Richardson is better known by her USA Today Bestselling Author Tymber Dalton pen name. She lives in the Tampa Bay region with too many pets of various species.


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