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Blog Posts

Lewis T. Wilson: The Author of “The Journey from Black Slavery to Black Street”
Lewis T. Wilson: The Author of “The Journey from Black Slavery to Black Street”The Black community has a rich cultural heritage full of stories about tenacity and determination. From the race massacre to the civil rights movement, there have been man...
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Theatre North is Ready to Make the Mark with a Stage play by Pearl Cleage, “The Nacirema Society Requests the Honor of Your Presence at a Celebration of their First One Hundred Years”
 PRESS RELEASEContact: Maybelle WallaceTheatre North is Ready to Make the Mark with a Stage play by Pearl Cleage, “The Nacirema Society Requests the Honor of Your Presence at a Celebration of their First One Hundred Years”For Immediate Release:T...
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Cannabis News Update Show
PRESS RELEASEContact: Angela K. ChambersCannabis News Update Show is Coming on TACM TV Channel This WeekTulsa, Oklahoma – TACM TV started its operations in March 2022. It’s hosted on which is a 24/7 Black-owned web TV network....
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We Seek Justice for the Wrongfully Convicted Prentice Ponds and Help Him Safely Come Home
PRESS RELEASEContact: Angela K. ChambersWe Seek Justice for the Wrongfully Convicted Prentice Ponds and Help Him Safely Come HomeTulsa, Oklahoma – Prentice Ponds has suffered at the hands of the unfair justice system since 2015 and his struggles cont...
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Be Wary of Scams Against Small Businesses
Scams against small and medium-sized businesses have increased by 62% since 2020. Business entities lost over $4 billion to cybercriminals last year. Aren’t these statistics quite shocking?Running a small business means you may need to manage several...
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Prentice Ponds has Another Birthday
It's hardly a celebration for Prentice Ponds. He'd much rather be at home and have this nightmare behind him. Supporters are set to gather on his birthday in hopes of bringing awareness to Prentice's wrongful conviction case. Or as some has dubbed, "...
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Non-profit Organizations are Vital to a Community
According the Foundation Group, "There are approximately 1.8 million nonprofit organizations in the U.S." (2022). Nonprofit organizations serves as a gateway for funding to reach underserved communities while providing much needed resources. Most fed...
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Housing Hunting can be a Delightful Experience
House hunting can be delightful, if you are ready, well-prepared and have the best Realtor! We know that Carole Johnson is the right person for the job. She will take the time to explore your needs and help make your home buying experience an enjoyab...
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You should be the Loudest Marketer for your Business
Talk to 10 different marketing associates, you may hear 10 different things. You should always hear: ✅PROMOTE your business EVERYDAY!Sharing useful tips for your audience is a great wat to connect. They will feel encouraged. They will feel that you c...
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Promote More
Promote More"When they go low, we go high!"- Michelle Obama918 Lady Business Blogger is upsetting folks. We are told that we need to charge MORE for our services. While the $75 is an "Intro" rate, our prices will ALWAYS be afforda...
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The Truck Business is Booming: Drive Legal
The Truck Business is Booming: Drive LegalContrary to some opinions, all news is not bad. If you are in the trucking industry the main concern is driving legal. Your truck is your business. With some many laws, rules and policies the top priorit...
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TACM TV Channel LIVE and Running
 TACM TV Channel LIVE and is a new entrant in the web TV network and TACM TV is the latest TV channel to join the network. The TV channel will be launched in the first week of March. Angela K. Chambers is the Executive Direc...
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Have you Met Meghan Scott?
 Have you Met Meghan Scott?The 918 Lady Business Blogger is OUT here in these BUSINESS STREETS! We were wonderfully delighted to interview Meghan Scott and find out all about the TCLiving brand! Listen, if you ...
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Meet Angela! The 918 Lady Business Blogger!
Allow 918 Lady Business Blogger to keep the light on you! We all need content and you should PROMOTE your business consistently! I would love to work with you! Please check out our new Intro PR Package. It's CONTENT! Get some!!Do you have a story to ...
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How to Build a Strong Business Foundation?
Are you starting your journey to become a business owner? Then you must be striving to promote your business and build brand equity.Building a business doesn’t mean you should launch a random product and then put effort to make sales. Rather, it requ...
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Improving Workforce Productivity the Right Way
Did you know workforce productivity can raise business profits by up to 21%? Unfortunately, employees are most productive for only 2 hours and 53 minutes per day on average.Productive employees are important for business growth. When they are happy a...
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Join the Movement: Fire Your Boss
Is now the time to fire your boss?START MOVING: You have a Business to RunPeople start their own business for many reasons. For years, people finally started their businesses to "fire their bosses!" More commonly, individuals are launching businesses...
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A New Home!
That's RIGHT! 918 Lady Business Blogger has found a NEW HOME! Our business blog will be hosted on the P&J Printing and Publishing products website, hosted at Payhip.Please share in your network! Connect with us. We would love to work with yo...
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We Stand with Prentice Ponds! We want JUSTICE for Prentice Ponds. It's time for a change in Oklahoma.
We Stand with Prentice Ponds!
Refocused and Informed Radio Talk Show hosts Angela K. Chambers and Sondia O. Bell spoke with Prentice Ponds via a telephone call from prison and his story shook listeners. Now, if you haven’t heard the story, Prentice Ponds it's in prison for Life p...
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PRESS RELEASEMarch 11, 2022Contact: Angela K. ChambersLights Out Entertainment is Hosting the Event “The Sport of Entrepreneurship” on March 18 That Brings Together Oklahoma’s Black-Owned BusinessesTulsa, Oklahoma – The founding CEO of Lights Out Ent...
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6 Investment Tips to Build Wealth and Minimize Racial Gap
6 Investment Tips to Build Wealth and Minimize Racial GapDid you know African American households earn merely $24,100 in annual income? This amount is 7.8 times less than average white households. Shocking, right?We bet you’d want to know how to brid...
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