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Mental Health Awareness for Everybody


Menopause: the inside scoop


Mental Health Awareness And First Aid For Health Professionals


Understanding stress: your guide to greater resilience


The Female Pelvic Floor Demystified:Your guide to healthy pelvic floor muscles


Burnout: are you at risk?


About Me


I'm an inquisitive lifelong learner navigating the forest of life and helping others do the same. I'm a healthcare professional, rehabilitation and somatic movement specialist, and health educator with a broad range of interests in all things that help people improve their 'total' wellbeing. I strive to help people restore their wellbeing inside and outside my treatment and education spaces.

I'm passionate about debunking health myths demystifying wellbeing because most of us never learn anything about the thing we carry ourselves around in (our body) or our mind until it goes wrong or feels 'broken'. 

I hope you find my little ebooks valuable and beautiful resources. You can read my blog posts and other resources here.