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Eczema tracker & workbook

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Eczema tracker & workbook

This 34 page workbook contains a thorough approach to solving your eczema puzzle. Your pages include:

🌿 statistics & interesting facts about eczema

🌿 a quick look at skin

🌿 eczema questionnaire

🌿 identifying eczema triggers

🌿 questions for reflection

🌿 eczema action plan: what are your options?

🌿 eczema action plan: what can specialists do for you?

🌿 eczema action plan: exploring natural alternatives

🌿 my team

🌿 my appointments

🌿 system support list

🌿 my supplements & vitamins

🌿 meal tracker

🌿 red light foods (record your research)

🌿 green light foods (record your research)

🌿 menu planning

🌿 grocery list

🌿 exploring natural ingredients charts

🌿 topical skin protocols

🌿 my skin care routine

🌿 preferred product list

🌿 tactile encounters (record products you come into contact with- example: laundry detergent)

🌿 tips for success

🌿 websites & resources

🌿 references & disclosure

🌿 about Deanna Russell


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Product details: file format PDF 34 pages, 8.5” x 11” portrait layout

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