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Tipping the Scales: A Circus of Unusual Creatures Mystery (Book 2)

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Dragons, dwarves, and iguanas. The perfect recipe for murderous mayhem.

When his circus arrives in Salem, the satyr Zin has his hooves crossed that all will go off without a hitch. Finances are tight, but when the vivacious Ella Penn shows up looking for work, well, you can't say no to vivaciousness, can you?

Ella quickly puts up the hackles of the Dumble Dwarves, the Flying Flynns, and even the peace-loving centaur Flora. So when Ella's pet iguana turns up dead, it's assumed the murder was an act of revenge.

Eager to try his claws at investigating again, Duncan, self-appointed detecting dragon, is on the case faster than you can say 'omelet'.

Trouble is, everyone has an alibi. Everyone, that is, except Ella's ex-boyfriend, who seems to have the perfect motiveā€¦a broken heart. And it isn't long after he arrives that the body count climbs and Duncan finds himself with more clues than he can handle.

In this second installment of the humorous mystery series that mixes in mythical beasts with the murderous mayhem, tempers are sizzling, the clues are confounding, and the twists have nothing do with the Flying Flynns' trapeze act.

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