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Better The Devil (Hoskins & Fletcher #6)

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There are two types of undercover cops

Those who can’t get in deep enough

And those in so deep they can’t get out…

Cass Fletcher is torn. Four years ago she walked away from a law enforcement career to live alone in her forest cabin. Now she’s returning to the city with a private investigator license and a partner eager to put down roots on their new venture. But Cass knows all about roots; like how quickly they can be torn from under her feet. So when a former close colleague goes AWOL in suspicious circumstances, leaving the safety of her forest sanctuary already feels like a bad omen.

Aaron Rogers is an undercover cop whose exemplary record in the field speaks to his dedication in pursuit of justice. He’s infiltrated the deadliest street gangs in the city, squared off against fearless criminals, and witnessed the kind of violence most people only see in movies. He knows his job inside and out. He lives for it, and he’s careful to balance the risk with the reward. So there’s no reason Cass should be worried when she hears he’s gone off radar. That is, no reason except one…

He hasn’t worked for the past year. Not since getting beaten to within an inch of his life while on assignment.

Fearing the worst, Cass enlists her new partner to help her track down her old one. But when it leads to the most dangerous individual either of them have ever encountered, she’s left with an impossible choice. One that leads to the ultimate test of her loyalty.

Better The Devil is a gripping crime novel of risk, deceit and tested loyalties, and also the sixth book in the Hoskins & Fletcher series  
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