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The Violet Hour (Hoskins & Fletcher #5)

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Meet Violet

She takes after her father…

Private investigator Lawrence Hoskins has one job to do. Locate a teenage runaway. He knows what the young woman looks like, and with some degree of guesswork where she is. It should be a piece of cake. Except the client requesting the job is the missing teenager’s father, and also a cold-blooded murderer and fugitive on the run.

When Hoskins first developed an alliance on a previous case with organized crime boss, Jimmy ‘The Drain’ Rosedale, he’d known it was only a matter of time before it would come back to bite him. And now that the man has resurfaced when he should be in hiding, the teeth that nip are sharper than ever. If Jimmy goes down, Hoskins goes with him. The only way to get the gangster off his back and out of his life for good is to do as he says. Find his daughter, whatever it takes.

But as Hoskins soon learns, Jimmy’s kid is no ordinary young woman. How could she be? She may have changed her name, her appearance, and travelled three thousand miles to get away from home, but she can’t outrun who she really is – the daughter of a man with a price on his head so lucrative there are those who’ll do anything to find him. So when Hoskins discovers Jimmy’s daughter has exchanged one crime family for another, he knows they’re all in trouble. Because secrets never stay hidden for long. And crime bosses take deception very, very personally.

The Violet Hour is a gritty crime novel, and the fifth book in the Hoskins & Fletcher series

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