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Missing Piece (Hoskins & Fletcher #4)

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Sometimes to defeat the monster, you have to become the monster…

In the summer of 1985 an eight-year-old boy vanishes near his home.

Five years later and eighty miles away, a nine-year-old girl reappears after going missing for six months. She doesn’t speak at first. When she does no one believes where she says she’s been, what she’s done, who she’s seen. But three decades later and the now thirty-nine-year-old ordained pastor may be private investigator Cass Fletcher’s only hope; a last chance to find the missing boy before his mother loses her battle with a terminal illness.

The two cases couldn’t be more different – the children were from different districts, different schools, different ages and social status, one child returned, the other didn’t. Only their faith offers the faintest of connections. But it’s enough for Fletcher. She knows that for her and her partner to do in months what law enforcement haven’t been able to do in thirty-five years they’re going to have to look in the places no one else has.

Except while time might be their greatest enemy, it isn’t their only one.

Because the closer Fletcher gets to the ghosts of the past, the clearer the consequences of disturbing them become. Devastating for some. For others deadly.

Missing Piece sees the return of the PIs in the much-anticipated fourth book in the Hoskins & Fletcher crime series

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