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Never Heard (Hoskins & Fletcher #2)

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How do you get the truth heard…

When those who’d rather keep it silent fear nothing?

Detective Lawrence Hoskins hasn’t been back to work yet; not since the incident that almost cost him his career, his pride, his dignity and his life. He tells everyone he’s doing fine. Sometimes he believes it. But when a former work acquaintance opens up about her missing twin he welcomes the chance to busy his mind with something else. In more ways than one.

Attractive medical examiner’s assistant Catherine Marshall describes her brother Simon as a good man with a kind heart who simply vanished without trace in the summer of 2014. But it’s not long before Hoskins learns not everyone remembers the nightclub DJ in the same way. The more questions he asks, the more the picture distorts.

With no other means of getting to the truth, Hoskins retraces Simon’s steps to the exclusive nightclubs of the east coast where - five years on - danger still lurks beneath the bright lights and under-the-table exchanges. And when he’s singled out as an unwelcome tourist the walls close in around him fast.

His every instinct screams at him to run. But finding Simon is about more than impressing Catherine, it’s a test of nerve...

One he’s not at all sure he can pass any more.

Never Heard is a compelling cold case and missing person thriller, and the second book in the Hoskins & Fletcher crime series

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