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Welcome to the 23rd issue of the arts magazine Inspirational. In this issue inspirational interviews three leading contemporary artists, as well as featuring a collaborative duo. There are also a range of articles featuring aspects of what it is to be a contemporary artist today.

interview: shane allison. The renowned poet and novelist is also a visual artist, producing voracious amounts of hard hitting collage work. Shane talks to Inspirational about his work, its connection with his writing, problems with censorship, and where he is heading next.

article: mark sheeky. The artist, computer game developer, author and broadcaster mark sheeky has written an intriguing and thought-provoking piece: Playing by Empathy, which takes a look at weaving creative instruments and disciplines into the fabric of self expression and creativity, of intrinsic feeling through empathy. A great piece by a well-renowned writer.

interview: dennis potter. The textile artist and wearable art designer talks to Inspirational about being a textile artist, about the uniqueness of his wearable artwork, and where he is headed next.

feature: mark & red hopper. The multimedia artists often collaborate in art projects. One long-term project is the BI-LATERAL. One whereby each artist works creatively on the selfie of the other. Inspirational will be featuring new work from this project in an exclusive photo feature.

interview: pierre fouché. The textile and multimedia artist, best known for his contemporary lace work, talks to Inspirational about the intimacy of his work, about lace, about being a multimedia artist, and where he is headed next.

article: john hopper.  This is a personal one from the editor of Inspirational. It is about the thoughts and practicalities of a visual artist, a visually motivated individual who is faced with living with partial sight, or the possibility of blindness.

Inspirational – supporting the visual arts, supporting the working artist

john hopper - Inspirational editor
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