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Grease Monkey (Drunk Monkeys 4)

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Grease Monkey (Drunk Monkeys 4)

Riots? Plague? Armageddon? Child’s play for… the Drunk Monkeys.

Dolce Quinn is a former sniper and military mechanic trying to find and rescue her friends now that LA is coming apart at the seams. Teaming up with a neighbor, she formulates a plan to avoid the riots but they still have to escape the city.

The Drunk Monkeys get a line on another doctor from The List. When Roscoe and Niner try to rescue her, their plan goes to hell in the face of a violent oncoming mob… until Dolce steps in and saves their bacon.

When you mix a grease monkey with a couple of Drunk Monkeys, there’s a whole lot of shakin’ going on. But when a devastating earthquake levels the region and forces their evacuation, can they eliminate a certain military mole and rescue Dolce’s friends before Kite or the riots eliminate them?

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