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Mages' Uprising (Defenders of the Wildings #3)

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Once, Silas and Lainie Vendine, former bounty hunters and renegade mages, had a home and ranch of their own and the friendship and respect of their non-magical neighbors. Then the mage-hating Chardonikans came and drove them from their home.

Now, Silas and his children have been captured by the Chardonikans, who are intent on spreading their despotic rule through the Wildings.

On the trail of Silas and the children, Lainie and her companions approach the Broadgrass, territory of the hostile P'wagimet people, in search of the Chardonikan stronghold.

When the true extent of the Chardonikans' plans in the Wildings is revealed, Silas and Lainie must somehow work together, even though they're separated by the enemy, to defeat the Chardonikans, reunite their family, and protect the freedom of all the people of the Wildings.

Mages' Uprising is the 3rd and final book of Defenders of the Wildings, epic romantic fantasy-western. Contains language, violence, and mild to moderate sensual content.
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