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Bad Hunting (Daughter of the Wildings #2)

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Once a hunter of renegade mages, now he's the one being hunted.

Silas and Lainie have defeated the dangerous rogue mage who brought Lainie's hometown to the brink of open warfare. But the town of Bitterbush Springs isn't big enough for two wizards, or even one, so they've hit the trail. Married now and on the wrong side of the mages' law themselves, they just want to find a good bounty and stay out of trouble.

Then Silas gets word that another mage hunter down in the dry and desolate Bads is onto something big and needs backup. The money is good, and Silas can't turn down a fellow hunter in need, so he and Lainie head into the badlands, only to discover one mage hunter dead and another one missing. And if they can't find the killer hiding in the vast, trackless desert, Silas could be next.

Bad Hunting is Book 2 in the innovative Daughter of the Wildings epic romantic fantasy-western series. Contains language, violence, and mild to moderate sensual content.
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