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The Rancher's Daughter (Daughter of the Wildings #3)

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Once a hunter of renegade wizards, now Silas Vendine himself is on the wrong side of the mages' law, with his illegal marriage to Lainie - who has her own forbidden and supposedly impossible magical powers. On the run from the law, Silas and Lainie are scraping by on what she wins at cards and whatever odd jobs he can get from people who need his skills and don't ask too many questions.

When Lainie's luck with the cards turns sour, they are led to a meeting with one of the richest ranchers in the Wildings. Brin Coltor wants Silas and Lainie to undertake a dangerous mission into forbidden A'ayimat territory, and they can't afford to turn him down. But Coltor is hiding a few secrets of his own, that lead Silas and Lainie right into the trouble they've been trying to avoid.

Join Silas and Lainie in an adventure filled with magic, danger, and romance and discover the wonders and mysteries of the Wildings in the epic romantic fantasy-western series Daughter of the Wildings.

Content note: language, violence, and mild to moderate sensual content.
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