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More Than Make-Believe

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More Than Make-Believe

When you fall for a fantasy, how do you know if it’s more than make-believe?

Travis is a straight and single college student in an unexpected financial bind. He’ll do anything, including spending a weekend on camera with gay porn star Marston Cougar. Marston tells him to remember it’s all fantasy for the camera even though it quickly begins to feel like more.

Dr. Gary Carmeletti, also known as Marston Cougar, has a respectable day job. After getting his heart broken years earlier, he has a no-dating rule. Now paired with “Craig,” he finds it difficult to keep it make-believe when he’s quickly losing his heart. Gary’s niece needs surgery, and he almost has enough money to quit the business for good.

But “Craig” makes him rethink his no-dating rule, and makes him want to take a chance. Except when circumstances conspire against them, will they get their fairy-tale happy ending after all?

(MM, contemporary, gay for pay, gay for you, workplace romance, forced proximity, secret identity, HEA)

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