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JUST DUCKY - Pattern for three small bags

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This is a pdf pattern for three different small bags. Sorry, no returns.

JUST DUCKY is a trio of small crossbody bags - APRIL, MAY and JUNE. This is a perfect little bag for toddlers and young children, but is also a great minimalist bag for an adult - just change the length of the strap or do the waist bag variation. 
The curvy flap, inside slip pocket, and back zippered pocket fit all three versions but three different body dimensions, orientation and shapes enable you to make there very different looks - a tall messenger, a square messenger, or a curvy saddle bag. This trio is a great primer for the construction techniques of different bag styles. Will you be able resist making all three?

  • All versions will hold a regular-sized cell phone in side and the back outside pocket is just right for a few cards, change and or keys.
  • Appealing to boys and girls equally. APRIL is especially suited to a “man”-bag. We hear it is just right for storing and carrying a game box controller.
  • Made as a waist bag it adds another pocket or those walks around town.
  • All versions are suited to quilting-weight cotton or light-weight canvas
  • Fully lined with outside zippered pocket and inside slip pocket
  • Adjustable strap or waist belt option
  • APRIL is a taller-than-it-is-wide, messenger bag that features a folded pleat on the outside bottom corners. Because of the one-piece construction, APRIL will not suit a directional print but, because of the one-piece construction, is very quick to make. The lining is made from two pieces.
  • MAY is also a messenger bag but is just a wee bit wider than it is tall and has a “regular” boxed bottom. MAY might look smaller than APRIL but they hold about the same.
  • JUNE is a curvy saddle bag with darts to give that pleasing shape and perhaps the most feminine of the trio. JUNE may look smaller but has about the same inside space.
  • All three bags have the same rounded flap that closes with a magnetic snap, a back zippered pocket, an inside slip pocket, and an adjustable shoulder or crossbody strap.
  • Easy to sew on a domestic machine
    Suited to new bag makers
  • Pattern pieces for most pieces
  • Measure and cut for a few rectangular pieces
  • Clear written directions
  • Diagrams for almost every step so an experienced bag maker can probably make these bags using diagrams only
Go ahead. Get your ducks in a row

Exterior - Fat quarter quilting weight cotton or light- to mid-weight canvas
Lining - Fat quarter quilting weight cotton
Interfacing - 1/3 yard 45” (.30 cm of 115 cm) wide woven fusible interfacing. Optional fusible fleece
(1) 3/4” (1.9 cm) rectangular ring
(1) 3/4” (1.9 cm) adjustable slider
(1) magnetic snap
(1) 5” #5 zipper OR 7” OF # 5 zipper tape and a slider
40” to 50” of 3/4” (1 m to 1.2 m of 1.9 cm) webbing for strap
Optional side release buckle and slider to fit webbing
Optional: Double-sided tape
You will get a PDF (782KB) file

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