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Originally complex in an initiation, the Tarot nowadays offers but three – perchance four – basic initiations that a rare few did – at least partially – accomplish within a single lifetime.


A novel popular misconception has it that zodiacal ascendant Ophiuchus marks the end of the zodiacs, namely as “13th constellation”: that – as anything in sheer superstition – must be totally off-mark, as also lunar vis-a-vis 911 position in Orion clearly outlines for all to see.


The sum of all basic planetary zodiacs renders 22 stations or constellations: “signs”; which are or should be represented by 22 basic Tarot initiations.


The 16 e.g. :||::| permutations offer elementary practice in evocation: thus Princess of Air...


The sum of horoscope signs – constellations – plus present ascendant set extends to 67 “signs”, since Eris is included with Pluto. Much as Pluto never enters Aries, so Eris never enters Taurus at all.

1008 TAROT

There are course more than 1008 planets: the number was chosen strategically, so 1008 spirits dwell in peace along with their sigils, ready for evocation within their 1008 zodiacs.


Diligent candor will accomplish first initiation even in three years, but there are quite a few who were able to encompass such Great Work themselves. A few here meaning perhaps less than five or even three on this planet; initiation taking lifetimes, of course, rather than years.


Some will like to attribute 16 Sun-signs to the 16 elementary spirits, rather than e.g. 16 ascendants of the current epoch. To them, let it be noted that there is no such thing as e.g. Sun in Hydra, Moon in Crater or Venus in Auriga.


The first initiation requires diligent persistence with patience.


The second initiation codebook will require astronomy in an evocation.


The third initiation being “tantric quaballah” requires colorful inner eloquence.


The first initiation is required in order not to get clobbered forever by an undine or any e.g. Venusian sprite.


Basic initiation calling for skin to breathe while non-thinking, obviously requires healthy an individual as e.g. damaged skin telepathizes damaged psyche or worse in a self-punishment.



The methods have been found compatible with Abramelin, Agrippa and thus Hammer-Stejnar-Koenig; with further astronomic (e.g. 1725-2025) refinements by the Author.


A final friendly reminder: let gnome ask first.
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