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The Paced Guide to Starting a Blog

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This is your paced guide to starting a blog with carefully broken down to do list and templates to help you plan your blog.

PLEASE NOTE: I am offering my learning, resources and planning tools to help you in your journey. I do not guarantee any outcomes. If you do the work, the learning and keep turning up, then the sky is the limit. But remember most blogs started are abandoned, this set of templates/worksheets and list will help you to plan and continue on in a sustainable manner.

You get:

  • How I achieve this brainstorm worksheet
  • Your blog checklist suggestions filled in
  • Your blog checklist blank
  • Topic brainstorm to help you choose your niche (subject area)
  • Competitor analysis (brief)
  • Keyword list
  • Blog purpose and goals worksheet
  • Blog post ideas list (blank)
  • Quarterly and monthly to do list
  • Monthly workflow worksheet
  • Micro to do list (breaking it down into manageable chunks)
  • Monetization list
  • Lead magnet brainstorm worksheet
  • Lead magnet to do list
  • Product brainstorm
  • Service brainstorm
All in a PDF document that you can choose to print as many times as you need for personal use. Copyright © 2021 by Melissa Reynolds - you may only use this product for your personal use. Colour may vary according to printer.

My knowledge - years of blogging and learning (I am a compulsive learner) condensed into a set of worksheets for you. For just $19.99!! Yep, you could earn that back in your first month monetised! 

Printing Notes:
Print “fit to paper” and use your normal A4 paper.
You may like to print two-sided and grey scale to save ink and paper.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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