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Initiative (Suncoast Society 31)

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(Signed Paperback)

Initiative (Suncoast Society 31)

(Contemporary BDSM, MMF/why choose, high-school friends-to-lovers, second-chance love, older MCs, HEA)

Roll to sense motive...

Two years on, Susie still mourns the sudden and tragic death of her beloved husband and Master. She now self-medicates with work and thinks love—and passion—are things of the past.

Until she attends her twenty-year high school reunion, where she reconnects with beloved friends and fellow D&D players, Grant and Darryl. It feels like no time at all has passed between them and leads her mind to thoughts of what could be.

The men immediately recognize the significance of Susie’s bracelet. As kids, Grant and Darryl didn’t understand their feelings for Susie…or for each other. Except they’re all grown up now. One disastrous divorce later, Grant has claimed Darryl not just as his partner but as his slave, despite having to keep that secret to protect their jobs. Still, there’s no way the men will allow Susie to slip through their fingers again.

But when outside forces threaten to destroy the men’s careers, can Susie take the initiative to protect their newfound happiness? Or will a critical fumble rip it all away?

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