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Clara Delos decides to move back to London when she breaks up with her long-term boyfriend.
In her first few weeks back in the city, she gets accepted for an amazing position at one of the country's largest advertising companies, but she quickly realises that it's a little too good to be true.
Waiting for her, sat back in her chair, feet on her desk, is one Andrew Contius. Learning that she is going to have to work with her old school nemesis Andrew Contius, is definitely not good news.
Growing up Andrew had daily teased and bullied Clara to the point of tears.
From the moment they reconnect the banter is back but this time there is a sexual undertone. Can they be professional or will their history be too much to overcome?
Will this pair of star-crossed lovers find their second chance at love?

More About The History Series

Clara and Andrew have been in love since their childhoods. He's both the first boy she ever liked and the first boy she ever hated. Andrew used to tease Clara when they were younger and now when they are thrust together for work, years later, finally their love has the chance to develop. Now Andrew knows how to tell Clara he loves her without teasing her but is Clara able to trust him? Andrew wants Clara but Clara just wants to be able to work in peace. That is until they decide to give each other a chance. Their relationship quickly develops but history keeps coming back to haunt them, not just once or twice but repeatedly. Can their love overcome their past?

The banter is quick witted, unprofessional and downright naughty as this pair try to find out if they have a future together despite their past, in this second chance, from love to enemies romance.

Books in the Series

  1. Repeating History
  2. Deleting History
  3. Forging History
  4. A History In Paris

The History Series is the second series in a British Contemporary Saga - Hanleigh's London - and is followed by The Intimacy Series.

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