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Ribbons and Rainbows by Mark Gilbert

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“The surreal disorientation of migraine disease is captured deftly and succinctly in Mark Gilbert’s unique poetry collection, Ribbons and Rainbows. The reader shares an insider’s view from diagnosis, through auras and sensory overload, to life with the condition. As a fellow migraineur, I saw myself reflected here, most notably in ‘a fee!ing of dis!o©ation…’, which depicts – with frightening accuracy – how hard it is to shed the crushing grip of migraines. Sharon Gayen’s colorful, swirling art – overwhelming and beautiful – well captures the intensity of migraine-altered perception. A fascinating collection.”

— Julie Bloss Kelsey, Author of The Call of Wildflowers

About the Author:

Mark Gilbert was inspired to write by reading Jack Kerouac, and lives in the UK. He enjoys writing short poetry, medium poetry, and prose (any length). He has had poetry published in various journals and anthologies on five continents.

 About the Artist:

Sharon Gayen is a Hyderabad-based artist who grew up among brushes, paints, and fantastical artwork, thanks to her mother. She works extensively in the realms of pointillism, psychedelic, and surreal art. Having spent a lot of her life by the sea, she draws inspiration from crashing waves and crustaceans. Sharon loves translating her favourite pieces of literature into art, is fascinated by everything geometry, and loves the rain and caffeine. 
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