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How to Sell Ebooks on Your Own Website

It’s not a huge surprise that eBooks are becoming more popular than traditional paper books. They’re cheaper to buy and convenient to carry around since you can download them on your phone. This contributes a lot to their popularity among readers. Writers like eBooks because the market allows them to bypass agents and publishing houses …

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How to Sell Lightroom Presets in 6 Steps

Most photographers, filmmakers, video editors and content creators are familiar with presets in Adobe’s Lightroom and how it makes possible to save time and create a consistent look. But did you know that you can make some additional income from selling presets? In this article, we’ll cover… Why multiple revenue streams is a good idea …

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How to write an Ebook

Writing and publishing an ebook is a great way to establish your personal brand, market your business, and generate some passive income. So why doesn’t everybody do it? In short, because it’s hard. Anyone can write an ebook. But not everyone has the dedication and knowledge to write a good ebook that’s worth publishing, distributing, …

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Migrating From Plasso

You might have heard Plasso has joined GoDaddy and Plasso will be winding down their service and it will come to a complete end on January 14th, 2019. Congratulations to Drew and the team at Plasso. They’ve really built a great product. If you are a Plasso customer, you might be looking for an alternative …

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