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GDPR Changes

At Payhip, we are fully aligned with the spirit of the GDPR for a safe and secure internet. We aspire to embrace privacy by design and, whenever possible, to not collect and store personally identifiable information. For the personal data we do collect, we have a legitimate interest to use customer provided data for product …

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Our first VAT MOSS return

We managed to submit our first VAT MOSS return and it went surprisingly more smoothly than we anticipated. We had a pack of bandages ready for the pain we were about to experience! But it all went well without any major problems. We had a look at our database and queried it to find records …

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Shopping Cart, Email Updates and Webhooks

We’re really excited to announce a few terrific features that we’ve been working really hard on for the past couple of weeks! Here they are: Shopping Cart The shopping cart has been frequently requested and we’re glad to finally have it available. Buyers can simply add multiple items to their cart and purchase as normal. …

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New Terms of Service – EU VAT

TLDR; we’ve updated our terms of service so that we can handle EU VAT for you. When we announced we were handling EU VAT for our customers, we got a lot of positive feedback which we really appreciate as feedback is what keeps us pushing forward. We’ve now updated our terms of service so that …

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Payhip takes care of VAT

TLDR; Payhip will take care of the #VATMESS for our lovely authors! 🙂 Tweet or Share this please. I’m sure we don’t need to explain the problems and impact VAT MOSS will have on authors around the world. A lot of very smart people have already written about this but the main change is that …

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