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Selling audio samples online with Demuvi
Sarah McGee

Selling Audio Samples With Demuvi

The digital audio market has grown dramatically in recent years. As consumers, we love having instant access to millions of songs, but how have these changes affected the people behind the music? Seasoned producer and Payhip seller Demuvi talks to us about the new tools and opportunities technology has made available to creators today, and …

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Abs @ Payhip

New Feature: Courses

We’re always working on developing new features to help you turn your passions into profit. Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of another great feature that’ll transform your knowledge and experience into a thriving business: Sell your courses on Payhip! With the new course feature being released today, you’ll have the ability to offer …

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How long should an ebook be?
Abs @ Payhip

How Long Should Your Ebook Be?

If you’re thinking about publishing your first ebook you’re almost certainly asking yourself how long it should be. It’s actually a really good question. Without a history of publishing ebooks you don’t really know what your particular audience prefers. The right length for an ebook can feel like a bit of a guess if you …

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