EVERYONE needs a plan! How many people do you see walking into gyms everyday and doing the same things or wandering from machine to machine? If you have no plan of attack how will you ever reach your goals? ESCL8 is the brain child of IFBB pro bodybuilder Jeff Christian and his wife IFBB pro figure Sandra Christian. As pro husband and wife they coach people all over the country. They can't personally coach everyone, but they are now making their years of workouts and experience available to you! As a couple they have fought against the ridiculous escalating price of information and the horrible misinformation in the fitness community. Everyone should have access to cost effective PROVEN workouts and information concerning their fitness and transformation goals. Here you will find the tools you need, now just add your intensity and GO FOR IT! Stop guessing and start doing productive work on purpose! Isn't it time to ESCL8 your PASSION, your TRAINING and your KNOWLEDGE?