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SANTA’S SACK – 3 in 1 Christmas Match Game: Colors, Counting & Early Math

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Your kids will love being Santa’s Little Helpers in this super fun Christmas match game, where everyone's a winner! There are 3 different ways to play, so you choose what concepts to practice with your kids: colors, counting, or early math. Kids spin the spinner or roll the dice, match the presents and collect them in their stocking. But Santa needs some help too, and they might have to put a present in his sack! Count up the presents at the end to see who's a Super Elf and who's Santa’s Star Helper!

This game is suitable for 3 - 7 year olds. You can even play it with groups of mixed ages and levels – for example, if you have preschoolers and first graders in the same group, the preschoolers can play with the colors or numbers spinner while the first graders play with the addition-subtraction dice to give them more of a challenge. The dice is EDITABLE, so you can choose the complexity of the additions/subtractions according to the level of your students.

For extra fun, you can make a magnetic version of this game and have kids collect the presents using a DIY Jingle Bell Stick! Full instructions are included. You can also do a fun CRAFT ACTIVITY and make elf hat headbands with the printable templates provided!

Santa’s Sack is ideal for 2 - 4 players, but you can simply print more stockings and presents if you have more players.
  • 1 Stand-up Santa and Sack
  • Stockings in 4 different designs
  • 2 Spinners (colors spinner and a number spinner)
  • I EDITABLE Dice – for kids to practice basic additions and/or subtractions
  • 25 Present Cards - in 5 different colors and with a design of 1 to 5 snowflakes
  • Elf Hat Templates – versions in color and black line, plus templates for groups!
  • Prize Badges – in four different designs. Super Elf or Santa’s Star Helper
  • Full Instructions on how to print, make and play
  • Identify colors
  • Identify numbers 1 -5
  • Practice counting
  • Practice basic addition and subtraction
  • Encourages observational and matching skills
  • Encourages a sense of sharing
  • Non-competitive

  • Adobe Reader to edit the dice
  • Split pins and paper clips (or a fidget spinner) to make the spinners.
  • Glue or double-sided sticky tape to make the dice.
  • A way to laminate game pieces (not essential but highly recommended)

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Original illustrations by Tea Time Monkeys! © 2019 Biggabug

Please read the printing instructions included in the PDF to get the most from your printable game.
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